The Malhotra Family Foundation

The Malhotra Family Foundation is a non-profit, privately operated organization that raises funds to support existing charitable organizations and groups in Ottawa, Canada. The Foundation aims to invest in organizations that provide a valuable community service and help strengthen the social building blocks of our community.

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Our goal is to build successful relationships with a wide range of local non-profit groups in order to help them achieve their fundraising objectives. We feel strongly that community strength and richness is derived from the depth of its charitable organizations. Our vision is to support the valuable work contributed by these groups by financially encouraging their development and allowing them to build stronger roots in our community.


For a city’s social growth, strong charitable organizations are critical. Each organization we support offers a unique service to our community, and our goal is to encourage them to continue to grow and promote positive change. As a Foundation, we also strive to use our own resources to support valuable initiatives, while always remaining open to exploring new potentials and ideas.


Our fundraising proceeds are shared across a broad spectrum of community groups in an effort to reach a variety of people with different needs. Our Foundation is uniquely positioned to bring together the business and philanthropic community to work together to strengthen our city. The Foundation’s fundraising efforts and philanthropic initiatives will allow us, and our supporters, to become active participants in the betterment of our city. We must all share the responsibility of developing a strong community

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