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Claridge Homes is devoted to providing customers with the best possible service. We measure our success in your satisfaction with the home we build for you. That commitment is why Claridge Homes was the only developer in the Ottawa Region to be named a finalist by the 2012 Tarion Awards of Excellence, which recognize Ontario builders exclusively for the quality of their customer service.

Building with You in Mind

Making a Service Request

If you have any questions or concerns about after-sales service, please call our Service Department at 613-233-6030 or fax 613-233-6683. We’re available Monday to Friday, from 8am to 5pm.

We’re committed to handling all concerns in a timely and professional manner, and have a strong team of qualified people who are happy to assist you. If your issue is warranty-related, our Service Department will deliver prompt and effective assistance. For non-warranty items, we’ll be pleased to recommend practical solutions and guide you in the right direction.

All forms are included in your Tarion Homeowner Information Package and are also available at www.tarion.com thru there customer portal.  To submit them to Claridge Homes, please fax our Service Department at 613-233-6683 or email  service@claridgehomes.com.  

For condo service issues please email: 



Stirling Parkservice.stirling@claridgehomes.com 

Claridge Plazaservice.plaza@claridgehomes.com  


If you’d like to arrange a weekday appointment during regular business hours, we’ll be happy to schedule you in.

24-Hour Damage Report

You should use the 24-Hour Damage Report to identify and confirm damage that was caused during construction but was not noted on your PDI. You’re required to submit this form to our Service Department within 24 hours of taking possession. This report is NOT meant for urgent items, nor is it a full inspection of the home. You should only record damaged items on this list.

30-Day Appointment

To make an appointment for warranty service after your first 30 days of possession, you must complete and submit a 30-Day Warranty Report, which you’ll find inside your Tarion Homeowner Information Package. We recommend that you submit the report on or around the 25th day after you take possession; if you don’t submit it on time, you may have to wait until the final 30 days of the first year of possession to make a warranty service request.

Year-End Appointment

During the first year of possession, we ask that you keep a list of any issues or concerns related to construction deficiencies so that you can record them in your Year-End Report. This report must be submitted during the last 30 days of your first year of possession. Once we receive your form, we’ll call you to schedule an appointment to review and complete any necessary work.

Claridge Homes Warranty

New homes come with comprehensive warranty coverage, which takes effect from the date of possession and remains in effect for the duration of the warranty period—even if you sell your home before that period ends. This coverage is backed by the Tarion Warranty Corporation. For more details, please consult your Tarion Homeowner Information Package.

Please note that both Claridge Homes and Tarion rely on Tarion’s Construction Performance Guidelines to determine which craftsmanship and material defects are covered under the warranty. You can review the guidelines at www.tarion.com

Claridge Homes and Tarion’s Warranty Coverage

Your homeowner’s one-year warranty coverage begins on the date of possession and remains in effect for a full year, even if you sell your home before the warranty expires. Coverage applies to both workmanship and materials.

During the first year of possession, we warrant that your home:

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Has been built in a professional manner, free of material defects* and consistent with our designs.

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Has been built according to the provisions of the Construction Performance Guidelines prepared by Tarion.

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Has been built according to the Ontario Building Code.

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Is consistent in quality with other homes we’ve built.

*Please note that we’re not responsible for damages incurred through misuse, accident or neglect, or for problems with materials installed by another firm.

During your first year of possession, you’ll have two opportunities to report any defects to warranty items: in your 30-Day Report and your Year-End Report. We require that you use the standard forms (available from Tarion) and submit them by fax to both our office and to Tarion, according to the guidelines and timelines set out by Tarion.

Two-Year Warranty

Your home’s two-year warranty coverage begins on the date of possession and remains in effect for two full years, even if you sell your home before the warranty expires.

Your warranty provides coverage for:

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Water penetration through the basement or foundation walls.

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Defects in our materials or work (caulking, windows, doors, etc.), resulting in water penetration into the building envelope.

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Defects in our materials or work in the electrical, plumbing and heating delivery and distribution systems.

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Major structural defects.

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Violations of the Ontario Building Code’s health and safety provisions.

During the first year of possession, you should report any defects in warranty items to Claridge Homes and Tarion, on either the 30-Day Report or the Year-End Report. As with the One-Year Warranty, you must use the official Tarion forms and submit them according to their guidelines.

At any time during the second year of possession, you may report warranty item defects on a Second-Year Form, which is available at www.tarion.com. Our responsibility to service these items begins the day after Tarion receives your form, and follows the timelines set out by Tarion. Both Claridge Homes and Tarion must receive your Second-Year Form before your Two-Year Warranty expires.

What’s Not Covered

To ensure that you don’t run into any unpleasant surprises, we want to be clear about what isn’t covered by your warranty. Claridge Homes does not cover:

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Normal wear and tear on your house.

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Normal shrinkage of materials that dry out after construction.

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Damage resulting from improper maintenance or negligence.

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Secondary damage caused by defects in the home; while the defect itself is covered, personal and/or property damage, or damage to additions made after closing, are not.

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Settling soil around the house or along utility lines.

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Alterations, deletions or additions made by the homeowner.

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Defects in material, design and work supplied or installed by the homeowner.

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Damage from floods, “acts of God,” wars, riots or vandalism.

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Damage from insects or rodents, unless it’s the result of construction that does not meet the Ontario Building Code.

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Damage caused by municipal services or other utilities.