Moving Tips

Moving is part of life. Like anything in life, it can be a lot more manageable if you follow a few simple best practices. Here are some tips to help your move go as smoothly as possible:

Make your move worry free!


Make a To Do list

Write down everything you need to get done before you move, in order of priority. Then start working through the list, checking off a few items each day. 

Start early

Avoid stressful all-night packing sessions by loading up a few boxes every night for the month before you move. It’ll lighten your load in more ways than one!

Label boxes

Clearly mark each box with the name of the room it’s intended for and what it contains. This will save a lot of time when it’s time to unload your boxes.


While you’re packing, figure out what items you don’t really need in your new home. Set aside boxes for things you can sell, toss or give away, and then fill them up.

Consolidate tasks

Figure out which companies and organizations you need to notify about your move—hydro, gas, credit cards, doctors, dentists, etc.—and set aside an hour to call them one after the other. This “ripping off the band aid” approach can make a daunting task feel much more manageable.

Consider hiring movers

By bringing in the professionals, you can greatly ease the burden on your mind, not to mention your back. Ask friends and family members for the names of movers they trust to offer great service and good value for money.


Moving can be intense, so it’s important to remember that everyone gets through it—including you! Once you’re comfortably settled in your new home, the hard work will have been well worth it. Until then, just breathe deeply and deal with one thing at a time.