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Claridge Condos Puts You Near Ottawa's Best Restaurants

Living in the city is about being where the action is. With Claridge Condos you can have the best of what downtown Ottawa has to offer, right outside your door.

Take restaurants for example. Ottawa is going through a bit of a restaurant boom at the moment and living in a Claridge condo means that you will be near some of the city's hottest new restaurants, as well as some old favourites.

Our Tribeca and WaterStreet properties are near so many top dining options that it's difficult to narrow them down. Tribeca is in the heart of Centretown, the site of many of Ottawa's newest restaurants. Fauna, with its seasonally-driven menu that supports local farmers, has recently been named one of the top 100 restuarants in Canada. WaterStreet, on the other hand, is perfectly situated just outside the bustle of the Market, but within walking distance of a number of top choices. 

Tomo is one that stands out for its mixture of sushi and pan-Asian favourites by day, but transforms into one of the Market's most exclusive dance clubs by night.

For those just outside the downtown core, Colonnade Pizza, an Ottawa staple since 1967 and one of the city's favourite pizza places, can be found just outside of Stirling Park (and the original location is on the opposite corner of Tribeca!).

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